Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Pattern Review - Simplicity 2741

With my trusty Bernina 717 sewing machine (its an oldie!) set up in the shop at 108 George Street, Launceston, I am having a marvelous time trialling various patterns with all the fabulous fabric available.

A pattern I have had for some time but have now finally tried out is a Simplicity Pattern No. 2741 which is an "Easy-to-sew" pattern offering mens/women's shirts - with and without collar, vest and boxer shorts.  I have made the collared shirt and it has come out beautifully.  Really happy with the pattern and the fit. Have made the shirt M (medium) size for my husband Andrew who normally wears a shirt size of 40" give or take.

This shirt is made out of Italian cotton shirting.  We have had this fabric for a couple of years, originally bought from Tessuti Fabrics in Sydney.  We have some gorgeous cotton shirting fabrics from Italy in store now.

We used a fine Maltese fusing for collar, neck band and cuffs and it works beautifully.

A customer made this little boys shirt below from current fabric stock.  How gorgeous!

Till next time .. Trish



  1. lovely Trish! Greg's been begging me to make him a shirt for years!!! Will have to try this pattern.

  2. Thanks Colette! We bought that fabric from your city store a couple of years back and when all the gorgeous Italian cotton shirting arrived with our stock for Ruche Fabrics, it inspired us to finally get to it. Trish

  3. Loved the little boys shirt - what pattern is it and what is the material?

    1. Hi Corinne,

      The pattern for the little boys shirt is a very old pattern "Burda 6183 Size 2-10" and it was made size 3. A dressmaker Kathy from Sew n Sew made it. The fabric is Italian 100% cotton called "Between Stripes", 150cm wide $34/metre. Cheers, Trish

  4. Hello Corinne,

    A customer made that little shirt so I will contact her tomorrow for the pattern. I'll also post here on the blog another comment with those details. We have that fabric in our store - it is an Italian cotton fabric. Gorgeous isnt it? We have about 4 or 5 different Italian cottons in stock which are perfect for shirts of either gender. When I open the shop tomorrow I'll post another blog with a pic of the fabrics. Glad you liked it! Thanks, Trish

    1. Hi Corrine,

      Thanks for your comment. I posted a comment in reply but in hindsight I may have missed actually "replying" to your comment. So please follow the link to read what I have posted on the blog. Many thanks, Trish