Sunday, 27 May 2012

Nothing but the "vest"!

I saw a gorgeous vest like layer top the other day and wondered how a heavier knit would look in a similar style.B

Using a basic t-shirt pattern for the shape I made the back standard and flaps at the front to create the fold over look.

Finished it off with a doubled side loose turtle neck and a button to complete the look and wallah ..

I love getting inspiration from what others are wearing.

This sleeveless top is made from a wool blend knit called "Berry Weave".

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Pattern Review - Simplicity 2741

With my trusty Bernina 717 sewing machine (its an oldie!) set up in the shop at 108 George Street, Launceston, I am having a marvelous time trialling various patterns with all the fabulous fabric available.

A pattern I have had for some time but have now finally tried out is a Simplicity Pattern No. 2741 which is an "Easy-to-sew" pattern offering mens/women's shirts - with and without collar, vest and boxer shorts.  I have made the collared shirt and it has come out beautifully.  Really happy with the pattern and the fit. Have made the shirt M (medium) size for my husband Andrew who normally wears a shirt size of 40" give or take.

This shirt is made out of Italian cotton shirting.  We have had this fabric for a couple of years, originally bought from Tessuti Fabrics in Sydney.  We have some gorgeous cotton shirting fabrics from Italy in store now.

We used a fine Maltese fusing for collar, neck band and cuffs and it works beautifully.

A customer made this little boys shirt below from current fabric stock.  How gorgeous!

Till next time .. Trish